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  • Insurance Companies
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  • Software / App Developers

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  • Head of Motor Insurance
  • Head of Auto Insurance
  • Chief Underwriting Officer
  • Chief Actuarial Officer
  • Pricing Actuary
  • Head of Analytics
  • Manager of Emerging Risks
  • Manager of Motor Risk
  • Head of Pricing
  • Head of Innovation


  • Insurance Brokers & Intermediaries
  • Consulting Firms
  • Claims Specialists
  • Law Firms
  • Price Comparison Websites
  • Third Party Administrators

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As driver assistance technologies are showing the potential to reduce the number of accidents on the roads…

...many insurers are asking what risks - and what opportunities - are presented by current and upcoming technologies, both today and in the future.

Driverless Technologies Insurance 2016 will bring together leading motor insurance specialists and vehicle manufacturers, with the objective of:

  • Setting a roadmap from today to full autonomy - Identifying the stages of technological development over the coming years, and determining where liability lies during the transition period
  • Getting clarity on the capabilities and limitations of driver assistance systems - knowing how they impact risk assessments
  • Understanding legislative developments - clarifying how the sharing of data will impact the adoption and influence of driver assistance technologies
  • Examining how an increased use of driver assistance technologies will impact claims - understanding the impact on claims frequency, claims severity and claims processes, and how this will feed through to pricing and rates


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